Best Panini Maker Reviews 2015

Whether you admit it or not, a Panini is more than just a simple sandwich. It is a delicious, mouth watering sandwich that you can enjoy. Almost overnight, the Panini sandwich has turned into a culinary delight for many people. This great sandwich first became a popular treat in Italy. The word Panini is actually taken from the word “panino” which is a small Italian bread roll. The plural form is the word “Panini.” However, if you use it in the English word, this same word is used to refer to the singular form of the sandwich.

Normally, the Panini is created from a small bun or a small loaf of bread. You can even use Ciabatta bread that is made from flour as well as yeast. It is usually elongated, broad and flattish type of bread that has a collapsed middle. The meaning of Ciabatta when translated in English is “carpet slipper.” On the other hand, you can also use a rosetta bread to create your favorite Panini. This is a small load that is decorated with slashes or cuts into it. This creates a sort of petal effect and then it is sprinkled with poppy seeds which add a great taste to the sandwich as well. These two breads taste great when used to create a Panini.

You usually cut a bread loaf in half horizontally and then place all the fillings that you like inside when you are creating your favorite Panini. The ingredients that you use for your filling would depend on your taste. You can place eggs, meats, cheese, veggies and so much more. After you have put the Panini together, you can then grill and cook it and then served while it is still warm or even hot.

One of the most common types of Italian Panini is made from two halves of bread loaf that is made from prosciutto (a kind of Italian ham) as well as several slices of cheese. This is then grilled in a sandwich press. However, in central Italy, they usually make a Panini that is filled with porchetta or a type of Italian pork. Some of the traditional Panini sandwiches do not have sauce toppings like in other parts of the world.

If you want, you can easily add various sliced meats along with your favorite cheese and other ingredients. You can pretty much try any combination of ingredients as long as it satisfies your taste. Add bell peppers, onions, garlic, chicken, various cheeses, the combination is all for you to decide.

Essentially, having your very own Panini sandwich maker will make everything much easier. These sandwiches will make a great lunch, breakfast or even snacks.